This website will attempt to uncover and expose an individual who is one of the world’s most crooked crypto-currency criminals, operating a corrupt ponzi scheme & creating a life of luxury for him and his family in Dubai
About Marco
To provide an insight into the origins of Marco’s shady dealings, we must look into his professional background to see how he used to ply his trade, & what led him to become involved in illegal activities.
The Scam
Around the first quarter in 2021, after studying the cryptocurrency markets, Marco Oliva devised his own version of a Ponzi scheme.
Enjoying the highlife from ill-gotten gains
The Wife
Marco’s wife, Darya Lapushka, better known as Dasha, is a model, socialite and influencer
who made a name for herself by exposing her jet-setting lifestyle on social media platforms like Instagram.
The Nephew
The Wider Network
Compiled range of evidence gathered from some of the investors
Transcripts of various conversations that some of the investors had with Marco
The latest in the investigation